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Archive 02/2004

04.Feb.2004 (Website)

LinuxPPC: Debian supports Pegasos II from kernel version 2.4.22-6 on
The official Debian PowerPC kernel supports not only the Pegasos I but also the Pegasos II now. It is a V 2.4.22 kernel with back ported security fixes.

The version 2.4.22-8 works so far, but voodoo fbdev is not integrated yet, the radeonfb should work. There is also an image available for a network install. That one does not work with Voodoo gfx cards yet - Radeons should work without problems.

Further information is available at the Pegasos Linux forum. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

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AmiGBG (Website)

AmiGBG: More exhibitors announced
At the AmiGBG held on April the 3rd in Swedish Goteborg there will be some more exhibitors among them Martin Blom, developer of the audio systems for AmigaOS Classic, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS, AHI, as well as the company Guru Meditation and the online community (nba) (Translation: (ub)

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Heise Newsticker (Website)

Game consoles: X-Box 2 equipped with three PPC processors by IBM
The not yet for the public released specifications of the "X-Box 2" by Microsoft seem to have been given to an American newspaper. According to that the console will be equipped with three processors of the PPC 9xx family by IBM, like those known from Apple's G5 computers. (cg) (Translation: (ub)

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Christian Rosentreter (E-Mail)

Scalos: Version 1.4 Beta of Workbench replacement available
Available since Silvester 2003 is the version 12.4 beta of the Workbench replacement Scalos. The archive has a size of 744 KB and contains only the files updated or changed since Version 1.2 (432 KB).

Some new features of Scalos are for instance complete multitasking (every window has its own task), transparency of icons, if dragged above something where drag&drop is applicable, Stretching, Tiled, and centering of backdrops, iconify of drawer icons, and a plugin system for exchange and adding of new features.

Minimum system requirements are an Amiga with 68020, Kickstart 3.0, 1 MB free memory and MUI 3.6. Recommended are MUI 3.8, also the render.library, guigfx.library, popupmenu.library and the newicons.library. The mentionend libraries are also available on the Scalos-Download-page.
On the website a list of all changes/updates is available in the History. (snx) (Translation: (gf)

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ANN (Website)

Operating Systems: Athene 3.3 published
With version 3.3 of Athene the OS has some more similarities towards the AmigaOS. For example the ASL based file requester was reworked and the file manager contains now DirOpus inspired functions like single click, multi choice and a ew fullscreen mode (Screenshot).

Athene is an OS running for itself or it can be hosted under Windows or Linux. The GUI is variable and can be configured to look like Windows or AmigaOS.
The versions for Windows and Linux can be downloaded for free. Requirements are min. Pentium-II-processor, Windows 98/Kernel-Version 2.4 of Linux. (snx) (Translation: (gf)

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03.Feb.2004 (ANF)

New screenshots of AmigaOS 4 published
On you can find new inofficial screenshots of AmigaOS4.

You will see a general Workbench screenshot with IBrowse, SoundPlayer and the new layers.library in action (shape and mask of windows) and some running 68k-programs: ArtEffect, WBAsteroid, ZoneXplorer and YAM.

Further more two screenshots show Descent 2 (1, 2). This is a port from d2x, the Linux/SDL-version of the game. Hyperion is working on an optimisation and on an OpenGL-Integration. (snx) (Translation: (gf)

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Ron van Schaik (E-Mail)

Commodore Gebruikers Groep: Amiga-Party on April 17th in Holland
The Dutch Commodore Gebruikers Groep will held an Amiga-Party in Maarssen on April 17th.

Two halls are available. The venue is to be found in the Kerkweg 21, Maarssen, The Netherlands. Visitors are welcome from 10 to 16.

Additional information can be found on the homepage of the 'Commodore Gebruikers Groep': (snx) (Translation: (sk)

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