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Archive 02/2004

Jan Andersen / VHT-DK (E-Mail)

Anti-Virus-Software: New Version 1.00 of VirusZ III
After six years Georg Hoermann has had the development time to release the final version of VirusZ III and thereby throw off the designation of "beta status." You'll find the new version 1.00 of VirusZ III on the VHT website under the title link, and in a few days it will be on Aminet.

Program name: VirusZ III v1.00
Programmer: Georg Hoermann
Date: 19th February, 2004
Archiv name: VirusZ.lha
Archiv size: 102,556 Bytes
Requirements: AmigaOS 2.04 or higher, util/libs/ReqToolsUsr.lha, util/virus/xvslibrary.lha, util/pack/xfdmaster.lha, util/arc/xadmaster.lha (recommended), util/libs/DisLib.lha (optional)

News in VirusZ III v1.00:
  • Improved 'Snapshot' function of the vectorcheck, it now saves the information supplied by SegTracker. So please install SegTracker before doing snapshots, it helps me a lot!
  • Finally fixed VirusZ 100% for MorphOS/Pegasos systems:
    • a) The vector check now handles function calls using EmulLibEntry correctly and calculates "ROM" locations and sizes in the most compatible way by scanning system romtags and afterwards calling NewGetSystemAttrsA().
    • The memory monitor has been fixed for fake chipmem on Pegasos and supports MorphOS "ROM" areas too. There's just one problem left with pre-50.58 exec.library: size of A-Box modules cannot be calculated perfectly here and will simply be set to 0x700000. This means that you might be able to access non-existing memory areas at addresses near 0x10800000! This is on your own risk...
    • The internal doslist scanner (for sector check/bootblock lab) works without MEMF_24BITDMA memory now which was never available on MorphOS systems. The code for 64-bit access (>4GB) has been bug fixed and enhanced to support TD_READ64/TD_WRITE64 too.
    • Rewritten startup code to use EasyRequestArgs() in case of an error instead of DisplayAlert() which is not available in current MorphOS versions. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for all his help with MorphOS topics and for beta-testing! And thanks to Alexey Ivanov, Ilkka Lehtoranta and 'Vinny' for beta-testing too.
  • Fixed problems in sector check concerning 4GB-border. Added some recalculation routines for strange values in de_BlocksPerTrack. Additionally de_MaxTransfer is supported now for older HDs.
  • Removed the 'Use/Ignore External Xad-Slaves' selection from the file check prefs. This was obsolete as xadmaster.library always requires external clients to do a good job.
  • Finally added support for disk archives and disk images to the file check. Please note that xadmaster.library v8+ is required! Now you can extract all types of archives that XAD supports, and if they contain disk images with valid files inside, these files will be checked too. Two new options therefore have been added to the file check prefs: "Extract Disk Archives" and "Check Files Inside Disk Images". Please read the docs for more information! Thanks to Dirk Stöcker for beta-testing and his helping hand concerning tricky XAD stuff.
  • Added extra check for bootblock viruses to sector and file check (for files larger than 2048 bytes, usually diskimages).
  • Added sector checking for files! You can select 3 different modes in the filecheck prefs, please read the docs carefully for further information...
  • Added 'Scan Files For Bootblocks' to the file check prefs. With this option enabled, VirusZ scans for bootblock viruses inside files. Useful to detect unknown bb-virus installers.
  • Changed/enhanced functionality of the 'Job Monitor':
    • 'Pause'/'Continue' gadgets have been replaced by a single cycle gadget to stop/run the current job. b) 'Quit' gadget is always active now (requested by many users).
    • All running/waiting jobs will be displayed in the report list now so you get a better overview. You can select any of them and kill them with the 'Kill Job' gadget. Useful if you accidentally have selected some wrong files/disks.
    • Added 'Check Files...' gadget. It obviously does the same as the equally named menu item of VirusZ's main window, but you won't have to switch windows any more.
    • Added 'One/All' cycle gadget between 'Disinfect' and 'Delete' as it determines the behaviour of both functions. If 'One' is selected, everything works like in previous versions. By selecting 'All', the delete function will delete all malicious files that have been found so far. 'Disinfect' first determines the type of the selected item (infected file or sector?) and will then start disinfecting either all files or all sectors of the selected disk. Requested by 'Underground God', hope you are happy now :)
  • Bumped version of VirusZ III to 1.00 !!! After 6(!) years of often little development and much more lack of time VirusZ III finally has reached full functionality...
(nba) (Translation: (dm)

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Bjorn Lynne (E-Mail)

Audio: Bjorn Lynne Announces "Statement" Music CD
Bjorn Lynne, who became known in Amiga circles as the composer of the music for the game Alien Breed among others, and as a musician of the demo-scene group Crusaders, has released details about his announced audio CD "Statement." One of the tracks, "Kikki," has been put online for listening on the Internet under the URL Comments and feedback are desired.

All of the music for the CD has been composed and produced. A few small changes are still being undertaken. The CD contains 12 or 13 tracks, four featuring the guest singer Eco-Mcz. The enterprise is achieved through ArtistLaunch, a page for independent musicians. The cover was done by Snjezana Suznjevic Vago of Croatia. (nba) (Translation: (dm)

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19.Feb.2004 (ANF)

WMV Movies in Brazilian Movie Theaters
Microsoft wants to usher the age of digital theater with WMV (Windows Media Format). The initial and repeat units for WMV-composed films based on Microsoft's ".net" platform are to be installed in about 100 Brazilian movie houses. Most of all, the film producers from north of the continent in distant Hollywood may rejoice over the cost savings. (cg) (Translation: (dm)

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Rupert Hausberger (ANF)

SoftRAID for AmigaOS: URD 0.2 beta
"URD" is a SoftRAID for AmigaOS. A new version, v0.2 beta, has been released today. Changes since the last version:

ADD - added
REM - removed
IMP - improved
CHG - changed
FIX - fixed
BMP - bump

  • ADD: Beside from the normal array operation, it's now possible to directly mount into a level. This can be helpfull if a mirror seems defect.
  • ADD: Now each device in an array has a superblock. Will be used for recovery-tools later.
  • IMP: Functionality for handling possible errors improved.
  • IMP: Logging-functions now faster and smaller.
  • ADD: The logging- and errorfeedback-options can be modified on the fly without the need of dismounting the array to make the new options working.
  • ADD: The URD-own command-set for reading, writing and updating the array is now basicly implemented. More details on this API later.
  • CHG: Of course many small changes and improvements done not listed here.
  • BMP: revision to 2
(cg) (Translation: (cg)

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19.Feb.2004 (Website)

ColdFusion (previously Amiga ColdFire): Poll about A3000/A4000 Version
There's a poll in progress for the Amiga 3000/4000 version of the ColdFusion Project (previously known as Amiga ColdFire), which is an attempt to build an Amiga accelerator card using Motorola's Coldfire processor family.

The question is what is preferred for the Amiga 3000/4000 version:
  • a standard SD-RAM DIMM and no expansion slots
  • an SO DIMM and three expansion slots
In order to participate in the poll, please visit the YahooGroups Website AmigaColdfire Project. (snx) (Translation: (dm)

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ANN (Website)

Amiga Java: Jamiga Alpha 0.02
A new alpha version of the Amiga Java port "Jamiga" is available for download. Changes since the last version:
  • Bugfix: JIT works now on "real" 68040/60 Amigas
  • Bugfix: A problem with the UTF8 - UTF16 conversion that caused many memory errors has been resolved
  • Network support works, also in connection with several threads ("UDP Sockets" and the "NetworkInterface" classes are not supported yet)
  • There's a lot of work to do yet on AWT, but the "Testframe" classes may now change the size of opened windows
(cg) (Translation: (dm)

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18.Feb.2004 (Website)

Videos of the last two AmigaOS4 deemonstrations
There are videos of the last OS4 demonstration by the "Amiga North Thames" group from February the 8th and of the demonstration by the "North Carolina / South Carolina Amiga User's Group" from February the 7th available now.

"Amiga North Thames", February the 8th 2004

"AmigaOne Productions" offers a video of about 30 minutes in different formats:

More formats might be contributed later.

"NC/SC Amiga User's Group", February the 7th 2004

"Herwegoagain" offers a video of that event at

direct link (DivX/WMA, 54 MB) (cg) (Translation: (ub)

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Heise (Website)

Heise: Mini PC "FlipStart" introduced
Heise Online reports from the introduction of the mini PC FlipStart by Vulcan Inc. That company has been brought to life by the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The micro computer measures 148 mm × 101 mm × 26 mm only and has a 5.6 inch display as well as a 1 GHz processor. The operating system will be Windows XP.

The full (German) report is available by the title link. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

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Heise (Website)

Heise: New software for music discrimination
As Heise online reports that Karlheinz Brandenburg, a co-developer of the MP3 format, has developed a software which is capable to discriminate different music tracks by their temporal pattern, instrumantation, speed and dynamics.

That offers the ability to do an automatic sorting of a music collection and for new search engines but on the other hand new mechanisms for copy protection also.

Futher information regarding the program "Audio ID" is availabe by the title link. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

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Captain HIT (ANF)

ASoft: CManager V28.7 and RxMUI V40.6 released
Alfonso Ranieri (ASoft) has released new versions of RxMUI and of the Contact Manager. The CManager is now available in version 28.7 (461 KB), RxMUI in version 40.6 (974 KB).

With RxMUI graphical user interfaces can be created for ARexx macros using MUI. CManager is a general bookmark manager. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

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Heise Newsticker

Intel announces AMD64 compatible processor
"Other way around now" seems to be the new agenda: While AMD's 32 bit x86 processors are compatible to the Intel standard the latter company has announced a 64 bit extension compatible to AMD's 64 bit technique now. Thus a good chance is given that the 64 bit desktop processors by both companies will be compatible to each other. Currently Intel keeps the 32 bit concept within this area and plans to implement the AMD extension initially to their workstation and server processor Xeon only. Read the full article by the title link. (cs) (Translation: (ub)

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Heise Newsticker

AOL with AmigaOS/MorphOS
Internet connections with the online provider AOL by ISDN and modem are possible now without a special dial in software. It is very likely that it is possible to access the net with AOL by using AmigaOS or MorphOS now. Read the full article by the title link. (cs) (Translation: (ub)

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17.Feb.2004 (Website)

BabeAnoid: Status report to Version 2.5
Richard "Dawnbringer" Fhager is now working at a new version of his breakout clone BabeAnoid. You can find the status report under the title link.

In a thread Richard answers questions of a few users. (cg) (Translation: (gf)

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Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

Picture series: The "Acryl Show Case" of bplan
Under the title link bplan published a few pictures of a clear acryl case, which are used for presentation of Pegasos. (cg) (Translation: (gf)

[News message: 17. Feb. 2004, 21:55] [Comments: 1 - 19. Feb. 2004, 12:49]
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17.Feb.2004 (Website)

Status report to the Commodore-One
Under the title link Jens Schönfeld published a status report to the Commodore-One, the reconfigurable Computer, who is often called because of his C64 compatibility as the legendary breadcase. (cg) (Translation: (gf)

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New tower case for AmigaOne and Classic Amiga computer
The US-American Amiga trader Mr. Hardware shows under the title link a few tower cases. The cases are mainly for use of the AmigaOne but also for A1200 computer.

(cg) (Translation: (gf)

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Norman Walter (ANF)

Amiga C course for beginners in German
The first lections are now online, more will come in next time. (cg) (Translation: (gf)

[News message: 17. Feb. 2004, 17:12] [Comments: 1 - 19. Feb. 2004, 12:33]
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17.Feb.2004 (Website)

CAPS project: User library ported to Linux (x86, PPC)
The Classic Amiga Preservation Society (CAPS) has ported their libary now to Linux (x86 and PPC).

The CAPS team archives old and copysaved Amiga-games and they convert them in their own CAPS-format, which can be read by new WinUAE-versions.

With the user libary the IPF images of third programs could be processed. The packet is bound to C.A.P.S Freeware License Agreement which is contained in the archive. (snx) (Translation: (gf)

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Jörg Karisch (ANF)

Short report of the hardware meeting in Nürnberg of 14th February
The user group 'Interessengemeinschaft Mittelfränkischer Amiga-Enthusiasten' (IMAGE) has published a short report on their website of their hardware meeting in Nürnberg on February the 14th.
There where two Pegasos-II-, two A4000 with CyberstormPPC, an A1200 in a tower with BlizzardPPC, A4000 in a Micronik tower with 68060, x86-Mini-Tower with WinUAE and two x86 laptops. You can find more information under the title link. (snx) (Translation: (gf)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

Meeting: AmCluSt Hardware Event 2.- 4. April 2004
This year there is again an AMClust Hardware event. It is from April the 2nd until April the 4th. The members meet each other on the hardware meeting in Dreierwalde in Rheine.

Not members are welcome, too, but please announce. (nba) (Translation: (gf)

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Matthias Kretzler (ANF) again online is a website, where you can download remoxes of Amiga game soundtracks as a MP3 file. Now is again online after a long break because of problems. (snx) (Translation: (gf)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (E-Mail)

Airsoft Softwair announce Hollywood Designer
Andreas Falkenhahn today announced the newest Amiga software product from Airsoft Softwair: Hollywood Designer. The program is a state of the art "what you see is what you get" editor to create presentations, games and applications for the Multimedia Application Layer Hollywood and will be released soon.

Hollywood Designer offers a powerful GUI that has all functions you need to unleash your creativity. With the Hollywood Designer now everyone can create funky Hollywood presentations with just a few clicks and save them for all Amiga platforms, e.g. you can create presentations for MorphOS on AmigaOS or presentations for WarpOS/AmigaOS on MorphOS. Hollywood Designer blasts the borders of the different Amiga platforms!

And now here are some screenshots of Hollywood Designer in action: Hollywood Designer will be released in versions for AmigaOS3, WarpOS, MorphOS and - as soon as it's ready - AmigaOS4. Check back on the website of Airsoft Softwair soon as they will reveal new details about this new Amiga software. (nba)

[News message: 17. Feb. 2004, 00:58] [Comments: 0]
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