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Archiv 'Updates von Soft- und Hardwareprodukten'


Szene-Party: Evoke (Köln, 12.08. bis 14.08.)
Im August findet in den AbenteuerHallenKALK in Köln die diesjährige Auflage der Szene-Party Evoke statt. Wie üblich werden diverse Demo-, Grafik- und Sound-Wettbewerbe veranstaltet. Spezielle Kategorien für Retro-Computer sind nicht geplant, 8- oder 16-Bit-Produktionen können in der Kategorie "Alternative Platforms" eingereicht werden - hier ist dann aber u.U. eigene Hardware mitzubringen. Für Pixelgrafiken und Protracker-Module werden allerdings Wettbewerbe angeboten.

Auf der Veranstaltung wird auch die schwarmfinanzierte Dokumentation 8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars vorgeführt. (cg)

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Rupert Hausberger (ANF)

Javascript: Scripted Amiga Emulator 0.9.0
Rupert Hausbergers "Scripted Amiga Emulator" ist in Javascript und HTML5 verfasst. Zu den vielen Änderungen in der Version 0.9.0 zählen die Verwendbarkeit von Amiga-Forever-ROMs, die Emulation eines 68020/68030-Prozessors und des AGA-Chipsatzes sowie die Unterstützung von HDF- bzw. Extended-ADF-Dateien und der Mac-Emulatoren ShapeShifter und A-Max.

  • Models
    • A1000/A1000-Velvet (new)
    • A500/A2000
    • A500+
    • A600 (new)
    • A1200 (new)
    • A3000 (partial, new)
    • A4000/030 (partial, new)
  • CPUs
    • 68000
    • 68010 (new)
    • 68020/68030 (new)
      • 32-bit support.
      • Cache support.
      • Prefetch support.
    • Variable speeds.
  • Chipset
    • Original-Chip-Set (OCS)
      • A1000-Agnus (8361 PAL, 8367 NTSC) emulation. (new)
    • Enhanced-Chip-Set (ECS)
      • Partial (Agnus/Denise only) or full emulation. (new)
    • Advanced Graphics Architecture. (AGA) (new)
    • PAL/NTSC-regions.
    • Sprites-only or full collision-detection.
    • Full blitter support.
    • Full copper support.
    • Full gayle support (A600/A1200) (new)
      • IDE
      • PCMCIA
    • Real-Time-Clock (RTC) types
      • MSM6242B
      • RF5C01A
    • Complex-Interlace-Adapter (CIA):
      • Different Time-Of-Day (TOD) sources. (Vertical Sync/Power Supply) (new)
      • ROM overlay emulation. (maps ROM from e.g. 0xf80000 to 0x000000 at reset) (new)
      • A1000 Velvet prototype CIA (6526) emulation. (new)
  • RAM
    • 256-2048K Chip-ram. (0x000000)
    • Up to 1536K Slow-/Bogo-ram. (0xC00000)
    • Up to 64M onboard Fast-ram for A3000/A4000. (new)
    • Up to 8M Zorro2 expansion Fast-ram. (0x200000)
    • Up to 8M Zorro3 Chip-ram. (new)
    • Up to 1024M (1G) Zorro3 expansion Fast-ram. (new)
    • 512K Chip-/512K Bogo-ram to 1024K Chip-ram aliasing. (new)
    • 24-/32-bit support. (32-bit memory is required for original A3000/4000-roms and emulation) (new)
  • ROM
    • All kinds of standard and extended kickstart roms.
    • Support for encrypted Cloanto-roms. (Amiga Forever) (new)
    • Special A1000 kickstart handling. (new)
    • ROM-patcher, which does remove unneeded resident libraries. (new)
    • ROM-mirroring. (mirrors ROM to 0xA80000 or 0xE00000) (new)
    • ShapeShifter-support. (new)
    • AMAX-support. (Mac emulator) (new)
    • ROM-info from internal database. (new)
  • Floppy
    • Supported diskimage-types
      • Standard ADF, read/write (*.adf)
      • Extended ADF (EXT1/EXT2), read/write (*.adf) (new)
      • PCDOS, read/write (*.img) (new)
      • DMS (DiskMasher), read only (*.dms) (new)
      • SCP (SuperCardPro), read-only (*.scp) (new)
      • EXE, read-only (*.exe) (new)
    • Up to 4 Double-/High-density drives. (DF0-DF3)
    • Variable drive-speeds. (Original-Turbo).
    • Drives are write-protectable. (new)
    • Diskimage creation feature. (new)
  • Mount (new)
    • Supported hardfile-types
      • Standard, read/write (*.hdf)
      • Virtual, read/write (*.vhd)
    • Up to 4 Onboard-IDE units (IDE0-IDE3) with supported ATA-modes
      • ATA 1
      • ATA 2
      • ATA 2 Strict
    • PCMCIA-slots, configurable as
      • SRAM
      • HDD
    • Units are write-protectable.
  • Video
    • HTML5 WegGL- or Canvas2D-rendering.
    • 2/4 bits-per-pixel modes. (new)
    • Lores-/Hires-/Superhires-types.
    • Doublescan-types.
    • Frameskip. (renders every 2nd frame only)
    • Centering. (new)
  • Audio
    • HTML5 WegAudio-processing.
    • Samplerates from 11025-48000 Hz.
    • Mono or Stereo.
    • Lowpass filter for A500/A1200. (A1200 new)
    • Variable Stereo-channel separation. (new)
    • Different interpolation modes (Anti, RH, Crux) (Anti new)
  • Ports
    • HTML5 mouse-position and buttons import.
    • HTML5 keyboard import.
    • Joystick emulation via keyboard.
    • Mapping of some special keys for pinball-games.
    • Serial-port. (output to developer-console)
Changes in version 0.9.0 (15.07.2016)
  • CPU
    • Completely rewrote the core.
    • Added support for the 68010. (5 instructions, 3 registers)
    • Added support for the 68020. (27 instructions, 2 registers)
    • Added support for the 68030. (4 instructions)
    • Exploded each instruction to it's own size-form and sometimes additionally to it's type form.
    • For faster access, each instruction does now have it's customized parameter-object.
    • Effective-address access and decoding are now done via 6+1 highspeed function-tables, each 64 entries long.
      This does save up to 12 (3*2*2) switch statements per instruction.
    • Condition-code checking is now done via a 16 entries long function-table instead of a switch-function with 16 entries.
    • Optimized condition-code calculations.
    • Fixed/removed DIVU-remainder calculation, also new and faster DIVS.
    • New and faster versions of ABCD, NBCD, SBCD, ASL, ASR, LSL, LSR, ROL, ROXL, ROR, ROXR.
    • Fixed MOVEP instruction.
    • Fixed all 68000/68010 execution-time calculations.
    • Program-counter calculations are not hardcoded any more.
    • Ported high-level functions from actual WinUAE.
  • General
    • Re-ported and optimized the following parts from actual WinUAE:
      Audio, Blitter, CIA, Config, Copper, CPU-highlevel, Custom, Disk, Drawing, Events,
      Expansion, Filesys, Gayle, Hardfile, IDE, Memory, Roms, Playfield, RTC and Serial
  • Chipset
    • Custom-chip registers are now accessed via a 256 entries long function-table instead of a switch-function with 256 entries.
    • Added support for the A1000-Agnus.
  • CIA
    • Added support for different TOD sources.
    • Added support for ROM overlay.
    • Added support for A1000 Velvet prototype.
  • Blitter
    • Minterms are now calculated via a 256 entries long function-table instead of a switch-function with 256 entries.
  • RAM
    • Added Zorro3 and 32bit support.
    • Added support for chip-/bogo-ram aliasing.
    • Access is now done via function-tables (banks) instead of area-selecting switch-functions.
  • ROM
    • Added support for encrypted Cloanto-roms. (Amiga Forever)
    • Added special A1000 kickstart handling.
    • Added ROM-patcher, which does remove unneeded resident libraries.
    • Added support for ROM-mirroring.
    • Added ShapeShifter-support.
    • Added a ROM-info page.
    • Updated AROS-ROMs to actual version SVN52764.
  • Floppy
    • Added 3.5" DD ESCOM and 3.5" DD/HD PC only drive-types.
    • Added support for the diskspare-format.
    • Added support for PCDOS-images.
    • Added support for DMS-images. (DiskMasher)
    • Added support for SCP-images. (SuperCardPro)
    • Added support for EXE-images.
    • Disk can now be inserted from the database.
    • Drives are now write-protectable.
    • Added a disk-info page.
  • Mount
    • Added support for hardfiles. (*.hdf/*.vhd)
    • Added support for Onboard-IDE (A600/A1200)
    • Added support for PCMCIA-slots (A600/A1200)
    • Units are write-protectable.
  • Playfield
    • Added AGA-support.
    • Added support for 16 bits-per-pixel (R5G6B5) rendering.
    • Got rid of an internal temp-buffer. So in WebGL-mode, we render to the texture directly now.
    • Added options for video-centering.
  • Video
    • The output-driver is now selectable.
    • Added support and options for brightness, contrast and gamma.
    • Added alpha-channel support.
    • Added line-change indicator. (debug)
  • Audio
    • Added "Anti"-samplehandler.
    • Added A1200 lowpass-filter.
    • Added support for stereo-channel separation.
    • Rewrote handling of WebAudio-stuff.
  • Events
    • If supported by the browser, timing-functions does use instead of,
      which increases the precision by the factor of 1000.
    • Optimized switching between pause/run. Thanks 'majcherek2048'.
  • Input
    • Added distinction between left/right shift/alt keys. The config-entry "Map L/R-Shift to L/R-Arrows" is gone.
  • Config
    • Completely reworked the advanced config page.
    • Changed all SAEV_Config_* to SAEC_Config_* to match the new namespace. Sorry for that :/
    • Many new options. Not listed here, see sae/config.js for details.
  • API
    • Deprecated and removed the old API function "SAE()". We're on javascript, so let's use: (new API)
      "var sae = new ScriptedAmigaEmulator(); [...] var error = sae.start(); [...]" See index.js for details.
    • Reworked error-handling for API-calls. Now an error-code (SAEE_*) is returned on any API-call.
  • Common
    • Introduced global functions, references, variables and constants for more speed. See sae/amiga.js for details.
    • Moved all entries from constants.js to their specific place and renamed them to match the new global name-space.
    • Updated asynchronous file-transfers to latest standards.
    • Added proper GPL-header to the source-files.
    • Moved the "Your game and demo..."-section from the main-site to the readme.
    • Fixed linkage to contributors websites.
    • Added SAE-specific-links to the info-box in the main-page.
    • Added an disassembler tool.
      "var sda = new ScriptedDisAssembler(); [...] var result = sda.disassemble();" See disass.js for details.

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11.Jul.2016 (Forum)

OpenStreetMap-Anzeiger: Mapparium 0.6
Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow hat die Version 0.6 von Mapparium, einem OpenStreetMap-Anzeiger für alle Amiga-Systeme, veröffentlicht. Neu sind u.a. die Anzeige von EXIF-Positionsangaben in einer Bilderliste, die Hervorhebung der aktiven Route sowie eine Statistik.

Die Änderungen im Überblick:
  • ADD: Image List with EXIF position Data
  • ADD: Image preview
  • ADD: AREXX commands for Add images to imagelist
  • ADD: Menu for Main window and ImageList
  • ADD: Active Route color
  • ADD: Overall statistics
  • FIX: Color settings

[Meldung: 11. Jul. 2016, 07:34] [Kommentare: 4 - 12. Jul. 2016, 21:51]
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11.Jul.2016 (Webseite)

FPGA: Apollo-Core-Update "Silver7"
Der Apollo-Core ist eine FPGA-Reimplementation der m68k-Reihe von Motorola, die auch eine eigene Grafikausgabe namens SAGA mitbringt. Verwendung findet der Core derzeit bei der Turbokarte "Vampire 600 V2".

Das Update "Silver7" enthält u.a. Ergänzungen für Mac-OS-Programme sowie die in Entwicklung befindliche Vampire-Variante für den Amiga 500. Für Rückmeldungen der Anwender des Silver7-Cores sind die Entwickler dankbar und verweisen auf den IRC-Kanal #Apollo-Team auf Freenode.

  • Added CHK2, CAS2, CMP2 for Mac OS programs
  • Added EXTW/L instruction fusing
  • Added FAST-IDE for V500
  • Added HDMI bootpic (credits to flype and Crom00)
  • Added MOVEX (Little Endian Move)
  • Enabled 85% of BranchTargetCache
  • Enabled PEA/BSR/JSR/RTS in 2nd pipe
  • Fixed BFEXTU and BFEXTS flag bugs (thanks JimDrew)
  • Fixed MOVES, NCBD, PACK and TRAPcc bugs
  • Optimized SUBQ/BNE loop pattern
  • Removed Fusion memory reserve (broke some games)

[Meldung: 11. Jul. 2016, 07:34] [Kommentare: 20 - 17. Jul. 2016, 10:19]
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Aminet-Uploads bis 09.07.2016
Die folgenden Pakete wurden bis zum 09.07.2016 dem Aminet hinzugefügt:
arenas.lha               game/data  613K      New Arenas for BurnOut
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu   4.1M  68k Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadia_OS4.lha       misc/emu   4.4M  OS4 Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha        misc/emu   4.3M  MOS Signetics-based machines emul...
geo_tag_1.1.lha          util/wb    2.5M  MOS Geo tag addon for mapparium

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OS4Depot-Uploads bis 09.07.2016
Die folgenden Pakete wurden bis zum 09.07.2016 dem OS4Depot hinzugefügt:
arabic_console_device... dri/inp 2Mb   4.1 An arabic console device
amiarcadia.lha           emu/gam 4Mb   4.0 Signetics-based machines emulator
lix.lha                  gam/puz 6Mb   4.0 Interactive Rodent Simulator (Le...

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WHDLoad: Neue Pakete bis 09.07.2016
Mit WHDLoad können Spiele, Szene-Demos und Intros von Cracker-Gruppen, die nur für den Diskettenbetrieb gedacht waren, auf der Festplatte installiert werden. Die folgenden Installationspakete wurden bis zum 09.07.2016 hinzugefügt:
  • 2016-07-03 improved: Final Fight (Capcom) removed floppy drive access (Info)

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