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IOSPIRIT has moved
IOSPIRITs move to a new building is now almost complete and from now on should only have minor to no effects on their availability and productivity. The developer and publisher is now back to normal. Their new contact data is now available in the imprint of the The Amiga-pages are be kept online at (ps) (Translation: nba)

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Amiga Inc. announces relationship with Riverdeep
Under the title link Amiga Inc. announces a cooperation with the "Edutainment" offerer Riverdeep. For further details please have a look at the homepage. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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MorphZone (website)

Genesi: relaunch of upgrade program
Genesi prepares the relaunch of the promised upgrade program for Pegasos I boards. Buyers who are the first owners of such boards may exchange it when paying 200 Euro + p&p with an Pegasos II board including a G4 processor.

  • You bought the board and you are the first owner of the board
  • The Pegasos I and the 200 Euro have to be sent first before the new board will be delivered
  • The costs for the delivery are paid by the customer
  • This offer comes directly from Genesi and is not placed in association with retailers
  • Should you want to make use of this upgrade offer please send an e-mail to until June, 30th 2005
  • Please mention in this e-mail the serial number of your board, too, please
(snx) (Translation: wk)

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