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25.May 2005
Thomas Würgler (ANF)

Susumu Hirasawa composes boot jingle for AmigaOS 4.0
Leuven, Belgium, May 25, 2005 - Chaos Union and Hyperion Entertainment VOF announced today that recording artist Susumu Hirasawa will deliver a boot jingle created specifically for AmigaOS 4.0. Two additional tracks will also be included on the AmigaOS 4.0 CD to showcase Hirasawa's music.

About Susumu Hirasawa

Susumu Hirasawa is a highly acclaimed recording artist. He has written soundtracks for commercial successes such as Millenium Actress, Paranoia Agent, the Beserk TV-series and videogame, and he is currently working on his latest CD-release. Since 1979 he helped defined Japanese pop-techno in the group P-MODEL and launched his first solo album in 1989. Since the mid-90s Hirasawa has toured with his Interactive Live Show utilizing Amigas with the support of Amiga user group of Japan (FAMIGA) for a spectacular interactive multimedia performance.

About Hyperion Entertainment VOF

Hyperion Entertainment is a privately held Belgian-German company, founded in March of 1999. The company specializes in 3D graphics and the conversion of top-quality entertainment software from Windows to niche-platforms including Amiga, Linux (x86,PPC) and MacOS (OS 9/X).

Hyperion Entertainment has undertaken contract-work in the field of 3D graphics for companies such as Monolith ( and has developed a mature, fast, small foot-print technology to bring 3D graphics to low power digital devices such as PDAs and STBs.

Hyperion is currently working on AmigaOS 4.0, a vastly enhanced PPC native incarnation of the groundbreaking OS introduced by Commodore in 1985. (snx)

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25.May 2005 (website)

Adventure: "The Labyrinth of Time" Amiga version available for free download
The originally 1994 published game "The Labyrinth of Time" (screenshot) is now freely downloadable.
The Amiga version requires AmigaDOS 1.3, 1 MB Chip RAM and 512 KB Fast RAM and runs under UAE also. An English manual is online available. Please study the included readme file.

Ordering the game on CD is possible at the title link.

Download: LABAMIGA.lha (134 MB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

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IOSPIRIT GmbH: IBrowse and IBrowse update available again
We are happy to announce the immediate availability of IBrowse in our online shop. The internal restructurizations that have previously prevented the availability of IBrowse have now been completed.

Our new express shop now accepts and processes orders within minutes. Furthermore, we now accept American Express in addition to Visa and Mastercard credit cards for payment. Customers that had trouble accessing our shop through the firewall of their company before will be happy to hear, that the secured SSL connection now runs on the respective standard port. (snx)

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IOSPIRIT Newsletter (ANF)

IOSPIRIT: Amiga pages moved, news from the web shop
IOSPIRIT's AMIGA pages, for already some time now, have moved to Since there were no other product pages until now, the company domain has redirected to this subdomain until now. With the release of the IOSPIRIT's Mac software "Picture Arena", the redirection has been changed to The AMIGA pages will of course stay online. Regarding the company domain, a portal site is planned for the future, that will then also link to the AMIGA pages.

Further news:

The shop system has been reworked from ground up. Orders can now be made much easier and faster - an accout is no longer required. Furthermore IOSPIRIT GmbH now accepts American Express credit cards in addition to Visa and Mastercard. The free bundling of drivers introduced with the last promotion will be kept. The VHI RS232 and IOUSB DigiCam driver packages will be bundled with VHI Studio, the IOUSB Scanner Package will be bundled with fxSCAN respectively. They come for free at no additional cost, but therefore without support and functional guarantee. (cg)

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