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Matthias Jaap/Mac Life

IBM announces details to Cell-Chip
The new consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will be introduced on the E3 in May next year for the first time. But the winner is already clear: IBM. All consoles will have a CPU from IBM which is unique until now.

Such a news is also the Cell-Chip which IBM together with Sony and Toshiba developed. As a first product a workstation will be developed which contains the Cell-Chip and which will become the developing environment for the PlayStation 3. Cell is related with IBMs POWER-Chips and is a Multi-Core-System with 64-Bit. Each of this Cores could have an operating system independent of the others. Unlike the processor of the PlayStation 2 which is the Emotion Engine, Cell is not mainly optimated for consoles but useful for different purposes. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

APC&TCP and AmiATLAS Development Team: Cooperation Broadened
Because of their very good cooperation up until now between AmiATLAS Development Team and APC&TCP they're going to build on it even more for the future.

Previously the webhosting was taken over, and before approximately a year a forum was founded for all interested and registered users of AmiATLAS.

In the future APC&TCP will undertake more missions, basically serving as the official distributor of AmiATLAS and other new products that are planned for release in the beginning of the coming year.

For a limited time therefore, AmiATLAS is available for an economical price at the new online shop of APC&TCP. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Genesi: A statement concerning MorphOS
The current MorphOS release is owned by the shareholders of Genesi and is being distributed today in a form fully licensed and paid for. Genesi will resume support of external MorphOS 1.5 development when there is a clear plan and a date set for the release.

The posts against Genesi made on are unfortunate. These actions of a single person have damaged our discussions with major strategic partners and have cast doubt on Genesi and MorphOS. There has never been any disagreement about paying for development, in fact more than $500,000 have been paid to MorphOS developers and for MorphOS licenses. There has been disagreement however, how much and for what to pay for.

MorphOS does not currently drive significant sales of the platform. It is our hope that one day it will, but this will not be achieved without the majority of the Company's resources being focused on activities that generate revenue and profit.

Genesi has become a partner/sponsor of the Debian, Gentoo and Crux Linux developer communities. Genesi is also enrolled in the official board support/partner programs of Yellow Dog Linux, Montavista and QNX Software Systems. It is in these areas that Genesi is now focused.

24th November 2004 (snx)

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