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MorphZone (Forum)

Genesi set up new official website for MorphOS
Genesi reports at the MorphZone they put their official website for MorphOS to a new address (title link) to deal with the latest issues regarding the development of MorphOS ( reported): The new official website for MorphOS is now to reach at

Currently the content is identical to the former site which was available at the old address, but it should be redesigned soon.

This new website by Genesi is set up in accordance with Ralph Schmidt said Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck. He is still owner of the major part of MorphOS and shareholder of Genesi/bplan. A fruitful discussion with David Gerber and Stefan Stuntz regarding the future is welcome, but nonetheless development will continue.

The upset developers reacted on the launch of the new site immediately and put at the following statement: "2004-11-17: Genesi is setting up a fake website claiming they own MorphOS. By doing so, they infringes on our copyright. Any version of MorphOS distributed with a new Pegasos is illegal since our contracts have not been honoured. Licenses are withdrawn." (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Genesi (E-Mail)

Genesi: Pilot Program Broadened
As Genesi made known via a press release (title link), the second phase of the Genesi/Freescale Pegasos pilot project has been successfully concluded, and Pegasos-based ODWs (Open Desktop Workstations) were delivered to T-Mobile (Czech), MySQL and the NSCEE.

The ODWs are being tested in several server and cluster configurations using different operating systems and applications. To this end the Avalanche Desktop Reference Program at Jostens and Select Comfort and then Cargill, ePredix and Imation is expanded. The Avalanche members use a Debian GNU/Linux solution on Pegasos for the deployment as "thin clients" or fileservers as well as for general use.

Genesi made known further that the delivery of more than 100 Open Desktop Workstations to selected Debian, Gentoo, Crux, Yellow Dog Linux and MorphOS developers has concluded. Demo Scene teams also received consideration. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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TeAtoM (ANF)

Harman buys QNX
The Hifi specialist Harman has bought the software developer QNX which is specialised in creating realtime operating systems. Some time ago QNX was taken into consideration of being the successor of AmigaOS and was also distributed with the AmigaOSXL packet from Haage&Partner.

Harman espeacially is interested in the realtime operating system QNX Neutrino. This should become the de-facto-standard in the car industry.

The price for it is to be 138 million US-Dollar. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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