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Archive 'News from the business world'

Amiga Inc. (website)

KMOS is now Amiga Inc. / Internet website updated
On March 16th, the company KMOS from New York has renamed itself to Amiga Incorporated. The website has been completely changed with the focus on AmigaAnywhere. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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IOSPIRIT: Spring promotion with free drivers
Even before the calendaric beginning of spring, spring has arrived in Germany and at IOSPIRIT. "Time to polish our offers.", we thought. No sooner said than done:

We keep our low special prices of only 9.99 EUR per title until the 31st of March - and add even more to it: as a free extra, fxSCAN and VHI Studio now come with full versions 1 of our drivers. For fxSCAN that is the IOUSB Scanner Package and for VHI Studio that's the IOUSB DigiCam Package and the VHI RS232 Pack 2.

Take advantage of this truely low-priced opportunity and give the gift of software made with love to your computer ;-)
  1. free extra - thus without support, functional guarantee or warranty of any kind. You find the serials of the drivers on the invoice that you are being sent via e-mail as PDF.
  2. the VHI RS232 pack does not contain Olympus drivers. These are no longer available.
(cg) (Translation: ub)

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Raquel Velasco & Bill Buck (e-mail)

Freescale: Collaboration with China's Ministry of Information Industry
As Freescale announce under the title link, the manufacturer of PowerPC processors has started a collaboration with the China Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP), a division of China's Ministry of Information Industry. The CSIP will provide engineers and office space in Beijing. The lab will be equipped with Freescale PowerPC processor-based development boards and workstations, such as the Pegasos II workstation from Genesi. (snx)

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