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Genesi (e-mail)

Incriminations against Genesi in connection with the Guardian withdrawn
While reporting about the discontinuation of Pegasos support by the operating system OpenBSD, we also linked to a statement by Mitch B. Parker on the mailinglist OpenBSD-misc. Mr. Parker had worked on the Guardian project together with Dale Rahn and ShopIP.

In the mentioned mailinglist posting, he had accused Genesi of reverse engineering and sabotage with regard to ShopIP's CrunchBox. Under the title link, again on the OpenBSD-misc mailinglist, he has now withdrawn his incriminations as being utterly false. (snx)

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29.Jul.2004 (Website)

Freescale Documentation of the Pegasos System for Linux Developers
On the PowerPC homepage (title link) Freescale has made available resources for Linux development on the PowerPC platform. Here may be found a platform reference to Sandpoint in particular among documents for Pegasos II. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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24.Jul.2004 (website)

Official press release by the MorphOS team
In the last past weeks had the MorphOS team recognized the need to announce official MorphOS related affairs by an official MorphOS representative in a coherent way.

From now on all statements regarding MorphOS are only official and valid when announced and named as such by an official representative of the MorphOS team.

Official MorphOS representatves are:
Ralph Schmidt, Frank Mariak and David Gerber.

Thanks for your attention,
the MorphOS team (snx) (Translation: wk)

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