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Archive 'News from the business world'

Genesi (E-Mail)

Presentation: "Pegasos - The Open Platform"
Under the title Pegasos - The Open Platform you'll find a presentation in which Genesi attempts to lay out advantages of the Pegasos and their strategy as an open PPC platform for business customers. Along with this Genesi's leadership makes clear on MorphZone that no-one has to worry about MorphOS because now as before it's a part of the whole picture. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Andreas R. Kleinert

PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX: More keyfiles
Andreas R. Kleinert has made some more keyfiles publicly available at his homepage. Those are intended for some of his programs which will appear at the Aminet soon.

The keyfiles are for the following products, the first four of them support the PPC (PowerUp):
  • PNG-Box
  • JPEG-Box
  • akMPEG
  • akMPEG4
(snx) (Translation: ub)

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Heise (Newsticker)

Motorola officially announces stock market flotation of Freescale
As reported by Heise, Motorola announced official the planned stock market flotation of Freescale semiconductor to the US stock exchange authorities. An actual date for that has not been announced yet.

Motorola will keep 92% of the votes at Freescale first and hopes to raise up to 2.5 billion US Dollar by selling the stocks. Further details are to obtain from Heise (German).

PowerPC processors by Motorola/Freescale are used with the AmigaOne by Eyetech as well as with the Pegasos by Genesi. The latter company just announced to have held a Pegasos trainig seminar for Freescale employees. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Tulip: New Beginning for the Commodore Trademark (Update)
Tulip Computers N.V. made know at a press conference today that a range of entertainment products under the trademark Commodore may be looked forward to.

The prelude is the production of a mini-game-console by the name of C-64 Direct-to-TV that should appear on the market in the second half of the year for about 30 euros. It is projected to have 30 popular C64 games (for example Summer Games, Winter Games, California Games) ( reported).

Additionally the earlier Commodore machines like VIC-20 and PET will be accomodated by USB memory sticks, and transportable music data reproduction equipment will be offered: FPet, Mpet und eVic. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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